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Gutter Holy Grail: GCG Member Bazooka J Snags Black Tatted OG Cat!

This Gutter Cat Gang member is making moves during the bear, landing a fire feline!

Bazooka J (@BazookaJNFT) snagged Gutter Cat #41, a 7-Trait OG with Black Tats Fur, Laser BTC eyes, Diamond Stud Earring, Halo Hat, ETH Necklace, Mamba Shirt, and a Yellow Background.

"When I saw this @GutterCatGang Cat listed yesterday, I was so excited. I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking about it. This morning I was able to secure what I consider to be the best Cat in the Gang. Thanks to @suptrop for a smooth transaction. #41 is vaulted," he tweeted yesterday.

Bazooka J picked up #41 and its Clone for 5.25 ETH, or $9,942.50, according to Etherscan.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Bazooka J to find out more about his inked OG and thoughts on the Gang.

He said, "I joined the Gang on mint day and have been a loyal and active member since. As of today, I'm sitting with 21 Cats!"

Bazooka J is #9 on the Gutterboard. In addition to his 21 Cats, he's stacked 12 Rats, 12 Pigeons, 13 Dogs, 27 D1 Clones, and 18 D2 Clones. He's a Top 10 holder of Cats, Full Sets, and Trilogies. Gang Gang!

Bazooka J told the GCT, "I've been on the lookout for a Black Tats Cat for a while to complete my set of tatted cats but hadn't been having much luck. I always admired Gutter Cat #41 but it was vaulted - held by the original minter since mint day. When I saw it come up for sale last night it was the perfect opportunity to add what I consider to be the "grail" Cat in the collection. A cool, and previously unexpected thing, is that all of my tatted Cats have yellow backgrounds so they are quite the Cat Set."

He added, "I believe that GCG has some of the best art in the entire PFP space and I have a ton of fun collecting the NFTs. Despite a lot of FUD we have faced over the past two years, I believe the Gang Founders have done a wonderful job trying to bring GCG into the mainstream and to create a viable and recognizable brand."

"I vibe with the Gutter and believe it will be one of the OG projects to survive and ultimately thrive," said Bazooka J.

Congrats on the fire pick up, Gang!

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