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GUTTER GROWS: Mayor Noah Drops Discord Message To Share Team Updates & Preview Of Tonight's Gutter City Assembly!

The Gutter is makin' moves in these first days of 2024!

Last night, Mayor Noah dropped a message in the Gutter Cat Gang Discord sharing a few key points with the community, including: the addition of a new member, Karmelo (@notkarmelo), to the team and a preview of tonight's Gutter City Assembly!

In his message (which can be read in full below), Mayor Noah said that he's "working on restructuring the team," and is aware that there are gaps in the current structure. He pointed out that "any mistake is scrutinized on X like we stole someone's lunch money, even tough we haven't collected a dime," and added, "..we are making strides...and we are embracing the challenge."

As part of this broader restructuring, he wrote: "I'm excited to announce that @karmelo has accepted a position. This is a big win for us."

He explained that Karmelo understands the Gutter's culture, and has been a strong contributor in the community and Boardroom. Noah added that Karmelo will "offer another point of comms for the community."

Mayor Noah indicated that trust is earned, and that the team is making progress and will be be able to show results.

His final paragraph highlights tonight's 8PM ET Gutter City Assembly, which are "intended to get the community the opportunity to ask questions" and serve as a channel for comms.

He explained that the format will include 15 min where he'll provide updates on the team, Karmelo will say hello, and we'll share more details on the Clone Machine and other projects. He added, "Then anyone is free to hop on stage to chop it up with us. Come on up. It will be recorded and a summary will be posted following."

The Gutter Cat Times will share updates from the Gutter City Assembly and provide those in Discord and on Twitter for the community! Come TF out and hang with the Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time!

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