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Gutter Group Effort: GCG In beeple's Latest Artwork

beeple's latest Everyday was a little gutter yesterday as the Gutter Cat Gang made an appearance in the artist's popular collection.

beeple created "Group Effort" on 4/13, while at the @proof_xyz NFT NYC event, leaving the Gang and others wondering WTF this cryptic piece might mean.

He drew the piece for a "Moonbird Beeple Everyday" drop, and 10 Moonbirds' holders who attended the live event last night won a copy.

The picture includes references to iconic NFT collections - Elon Musk's face with BAYC @digging4doge tattooed on the cheek, a Moonbird, an OG Curio Cards' Apple, and a squiggle, among others.

But the Gang zoomed in on beeple's' red, handwritten list of OG and new collections: Pixelvault, Nakamigos, Meebits, GCG, Kagami, 10KTF, Gremplin, and Howlerz.

The GCG General Discord chat had Gang trying to decipher what the "GCG" reference might mean.

Replying to beeple's tweet, BoredOhms.eth wrote, "$GangGang," and Wxffles.eth responded, "GangGang."

Though no word on the streets as to what the list and GCG reference might mean, the Gutter Cat Times will follow the trail of breadcrumbs to see where it leads. Stay tuned, and Gang Gang!

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