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Gutter Groove: JBond Licenses GCG IP To Hip-Hop Street Dance Brand

The Gutter Cat Gang brand stands at the convergence of street culture and web3, with innovative partnerships in sports, style, and streetwear.

Gutter community members like JBond (@jbondwagon) are leveraging that street-vibe, licensing Gang Gang IP in creative ways that amplify the GCG brand within the broader culture.

Recently, JBond tweeted, "GM & Happy Caturday! Sharing my 1st licensed @GutterCatGang merch with @wbstreet. This is currently exclusively sold in WSB events. Will keep you posted if this will be available online. A shirt costs $13. The Gang may be having FUD but we keep BUIDLing. GANG GANG!"

WSB (@wsbstreet) stands for World Supremacy Battlegrounds, and is "one of the most prestigious and longest running street dance competitions in the Southern Hemisphere," according to the official website. The Battlegrounds Championship launched in July, 2004 in Australia, and is now a lifestyle brand spanning six continents. WSB "celebrates hip-hop culture and its role as a conduit to express artistic elements in dance, music, social media, and Web3."

JBond first joined the Gang back in July, 2021, via a giveaway from Gutter Dan. He then picked up his current OG Cat, #784, and has held it since Nov, 2021. His Cat is a 5-trait, with Calico Fur, Yellow Eyes, Dreads, Headphones, and a Pink Background.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to JBond to find out about his licensing deal: "I am lucky to find a right partner - @wsbstreet. I think hip-hop and GCG matches well and my partners from WSB also see it the same way."

The WSB x Gang Gang shirts are exclusively available at WSB events. The web page for an upcoming April WSB festival in the Philippines says, "TOMA FEST...will also sell WSB CLUB’s exclusive Gang Gang x WSB Street Clothing featuring Gutter Cat Gang NFT art." ( After JBond's Twitter announcement about the licensing deal, Gutter Mitch (@GutterMitch) replied, "Amazing stuff! Congrats on the licensing deal. Gang gang!"

Other Gang members like eTH.eth (@RiordanJp) said, "GM! Great to see the grinding! Shirts are slick. Gang Gang!"

Looking ahead to the future, JBond hopes that "GCG will be a major web3 streetwear brand," and is excited for the team to continue moving in that direction.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring news of IP licensing, community spotlights, and more from the Gutter! Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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