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GUTTER GROOVE: GCG Member GeEK MyTh Drops Dance Tracks So The Gang Can Get Down!

Get your dancin' shoes on Gang, 'cause this Gutter Cat Gang member is keepin' the vibes on high!

Gutter Cat Gang member, GeEk MyTh (@GeEkMyTh_ETH), is getting the Gang fired up with his latest tracks, and spreading the groove far and wide.

"GM GM FAM! New tunes just dropped!! Check out my Album on Sound Cloud! Hope you like to dance!! Sound On," he tweeted recently.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to GeEk MyTh to find out more about his time in the Gutter and the tunes he's creating.

He said, "I originally wanted a Gutter Cat during the last Bull Run. I got into the GCG on Oct 2, and to my surprise, 3 days later Noah announced he was taking over as Mayor. I bought my first Cat because I'm a big cat lover and I think the Gutter has some of the best art when it comes to NFT collectables."

GeEk MyTh rocks Cat #2157, a 7-Trait feline with Grey Fur, Squinted Green Eyes, Gold Hoop Earring, Scruffy Beard, Toothpick Mouth, Farmer Shirt, and Yellow Background. Since buying that Cat, he's added 5 more, plus a Gutter Dog and 16 Clones!

He added, "What really caught my attention was the community. They're a bunch of workers looking to utilize the Gutter Cat brand name to build their own products and ideas which is amazing to be around." Check out his PFP below:

GeEk MyTh told the Gutter Cat Times, "As a music producer, having a community in web3 to listen to my music has been inspiring and has brought my sound to another level. It's very motivating to be around like minded, creative hard workers."

He got into music at a young age after receiving a cherry red drumset for his 8th birthday as a gift from his dad. Though he played in a few bands during high school, he left the drums behind when starting college.

"I studied computer programming, so I had a nice set up in my dorm. That's when I found FL Studio, a computer music production program that was just released earlier in 1999. I fell in love with creating all types of music and throughout my entire adult life music has always been there for me."

Now in the web3 space, GeEk MyTh explained, "I feel like Ive found my tribe and Im ready to share my music with anyone ready to dance! I'd love for the Gang to put me on your playlists and jam out with your friends."

The Gutter can find his music linked in the Tweet above and here:, so check it out!

GeEk MyTh said he'll be dropping music NFTs in the coming year, and Gang should stay tuned!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow GeEk MyTh and his music, and all of the projects happening in the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time!

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