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Gutter Grail: GCG Member Karmelo.eth Scoops Black Tats OG Cat!

Black Cats are anything but unlucky for this Gutter Cat Gang member!

karmelo.eth (@notkarmelo) snagged a heater inked-up grail yesterday to add to this collection!

His new addition is Gutter Cat #2136, a 4-Trait feline with Black Tats Fur, Yellow Eyes, Black Tee Shirt, and White Background. He purchased it for 5 ETH, or $9621.50, according to Etherscan.

Karmelo.eth is a Gutter Kingpin as well as the artist and developer of THE KREW (, a digital art collection of badass Karmeleons NFTs.

He told the Gutter Cat Times, "I picked up this Cat because I'm a sucker for the black tees, and was never able to grab a Cat with one as they always seemed to elude me. The Black Tats elevate this to the next level. I happened to already have a Black Tee dog and Rat with yellow eyes/white backgrounds, so I knew it was a set I eventually had to complete."

He added, "Plus, while everything else is burning, Gutter is putting in work and positioning itself to be a formidable contender, as I always anticipated." Check out his dope set below:

Karmelo picked up his first Cat in the Spring of 2022, and said, "I loved the art, community, vibes and trusted the vision of the founders—and still do more now than ever. "

He told the GCT, "The 'Gutter=Sports' call to action combined with collabs have gone mostly unnoticed in favor of the latest pump-and-dump collections out there. Plus, they just dropped a basketball shoe with LaMelo Ball. I don't think there's a higher accomplishment tbh, but I can't wait for them to prove me wrong!"

Karmelo is excited to see new holders coming into the Gang and stoked to see what's next. He's here for the long haul, coming in hot at #52 on the Gutterboard! He currently holds 7 Cats, 7 Rats, 8 Pigeons, and 8 Dogs, putting him in the Top 25 for Full Sets. You can see Karmelo's full set here, too:

Congrats on the grail addition to your rad Gutter family, gang!

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