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GUTTER GRAFFITI: GCG Member Rickistheplug Is Always Gutter With His Backyard Clone Murals!

Some Gutter Cat Gang members rep community with stickers. Others get the iconic logo tattooed on their body. But this GCG member upped the ante and turned his home into a Gutter Clone getaway!

Gutter Cat Gang member rickistheplug.eth (@Rickistheplug) brought the Gutter to his home after he commissioned a series of colorful top-to-bottom murals that he can see right out of his own window!

"Got legendary graff artist TMac to paint these kick ass clone murals in my backyard. GG Forever," he tweeted yesterday, showing off the dope graffiti and Clones.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Rickistheplug to find out more about his time in the Gutter and the rad GCG Clone murals.

He said, "I joined the Gang in August, 2022, when fellow GG member @versuhtyle airdropped me my Gutter Clone pigeon as a reward in a giveaway. I’d been wanting to join the Gang for a while but couldn’t afford it. I love the art and the culture, and have always been a big fan of sports & hip-hop."

Rickistheplug explained that the Alien Rat in the mural belongs to his IRL brother, skoroplap.eth (@SkoropLap), who he got to join the Gutter as well! Check out the brothers' dope graffiti Clone Rat and Pigeon below:

Rickistheplug told the Gutter Cat Times, "TMac is a local graff legend from Johannesburg who painted the murals over a few days. Over the years, I've developed relationships with various creatives & graffiti artists who make up part of the street culture here. I've undertaken numerous graff projects to transform spaces and add value to lower income communities through art."

He said he'd love to help the GCG express the utility and uniqueness of their Gutter assets through street art! Check out this time-lapse video of Tmac working on the piece on their backyard wall:

Rickistheplug is stoked for GCG's new Mayor Noah, and said, "I'd like to take the chance to thank Dan, Ric & Mitch for how far they’ve brought the project. Times are looking good now but in times of doubt remember this: 'Don’t fade the Gutter!'"

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to amplify the community and all things Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for the Gang Gang news.

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