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GUTTER GOT GUTTER'S BACKS: Community Rallies Around GCG Member NotoriousMeg. Find Out More Here:

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The Gutter means different things to different people: a hardscrabble place, an attitude of perseverence and grit, or a scrappy mindset.

For Notorious Meg (@NotoriousMEG_) a teacher and Gutter Cat Gang OG since 2021 who's been battling cancer, the Gutter community has been a source of support since early in her NFT journey and is now one she's turning to for help.

Recently, Gutter Sam (@lifeinthegutter) put out the "Bat signal" to the Gutter Cat Gang, tweeting, "A beloved community member @NotoriousMEG_ really needs our immediate help as she faces eviction during her battle for cancer. Please donate and share today! @GutterCatGang @CrazyCryptoCarl #GutterCatGang #FuckCancer"

The Gutter Cat Times connected with Notorious Meg, and learned more about how she came into the Gutter and how she's looking at her experience a giving her a greater purpose.

She said, "I got into shitcoins first and then joined the Gutter with my Rat in 2021. I was a learner and asked a lot of questions, and everyone was really helpful. I found a good community of people." Notorious Meg's Rat is #2722, a 4-Trait rodent with Russian Blue Fur, Blue Eyes, Juicy Shirt, and a Green Background.

After first being diagnosed with systemic lupus, an auto-immune disorder, and then more recently with stage 2 ovarian cancer, Notorious Meg told the GCT, "There were days when Twitter spaces were the only time I talked with people. It's really hard not being able to help yourself."

As a result of her experience, Notorious Meg said, "I'm being open and vulnerable about this. There are things like this in the Gutter community that no one talks about, but I feel like I have a bigger purpose now and I don't want this to be in vain."

The Gutter community is rallying around Meg to support her at this difficult time, with members like MagnumAPI and r0seNY posting a call to action for others.

r0seNY wrote, "Calling ALL community members! One of our own, @NotoriousMEG_ is currently battling cancer and could really use our support right now. Even if you are unable to donate, RTing will help get the message out to others. Community First."

Gutter's Mayor, Noah, also tweeted, "Sorry to hear this Meg. Will certainly donate on behalf of the Gutter. Stay strong. Whole Gutter has your back."

Notorious Meg shared that she's been listening to the Gutter for a long time now, and wants to also help "light a spark," in the community. She's thinking about different ways to do that, and looking to connect with others interested in building with her.

To donate to Notorious Meg's Go Fund Me, Gang can follow the link in the tweet above and here: Or, please retweet for awareness.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Notorious Meg and how she's bringing her purpose and spark to the community. Follow @guttercattimes on X for updates.

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