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GUTTER GOODS: GCG Member georgegrant.eth Is Building Gutter Toys! Here's How You Can Get Involved:

This Gutter Cat Gang member doesn't play around when it comes to making toys!

GCG's georgegrant.eth |.btc (@TheOneNFT) is busier than Santa's elves creating prototypes for Gutter Toys, a venture he's launched to amplify the Gang and create opportunities to put IP to use!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to georgegrant.eth to find out more about his playtime project and how GCG community can join in the fun.

He joined the gang on mint day with two Cats, and said, "I really loved the art, and the Discord was lit. I like that GCG follows their own path and comes up with new ideas rather than recycling what other projects are doing..."

As Gutter Toys (@guttertoys) Twitter explains, this initiative is "a community led project created by @TheOneNFT providing @GutterCatGang members with options to get their intellectual property (NFTs) to work both on the physical and digital spectrum, starting with the creation of a series of licensed plush toys and collectibles."

Check out an early mock up of a collectible below!

georgegrant has been sharing updates with the Gutter community on the TL @guttertoys

and in the Gutter Toys discord

"Morning #GangGang," he tweeted recently, "as promised I am working on getting a proper 3D base model of our cats done which will later be used for the stuffed animal toy series..." He explained that this is initially "proof of concept," and will work to refine and make it better.

He explained to the GCT, "My target for the toys is Christmas this year, at least for a trial run. I'm working on the 3D models, creating some mock-ups of how the toys will look, and then will create a pitch deck for the whole project."

georgegrant added, "In order to minimize shipping costs I will most likely work with a distributor for Europe. For the US I am thinking about Amazon and offering 2-3 day delivery in 2024.

"Each 'trait' has to be made specifically," he shared. "The OG collections alone feature several hundred traits. We're starting with the Cats and then (if successful) offer the same for other OG species too." Building in public, georgegrant showed off the early sample below:

In addition to the plushies and collectibles, georgegrant is also looking ahead to creating a game.

He told the Gutter Cat Times, "the game will be skill based, 3D, and have a betting option for players and spectators, and gameplay/storyline will be based on a very successful movie. I haven't talked to the team yet about the game, but I am sure they will support it when the time comes. Since this is a community project, the community will be able to get involved once we start production in Spring, 2024."

Check out the video below of an OG Cat getting into a groove!

He added, "The Gutter community is the strongest community I've ever been part of. I'd like to thank anyone who has shown their support for what I am trying to do."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter Toys and bring you the latest updates on collectibles, plushies, and games!

Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the damn time.

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