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Gutter Golf: Victory Lap & OG Rat For 1st Runner Up!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Kicking off the week, the Gutter Cat Gang announced the winner of the inaugural Gutter Masters League Bracket.....and, it was Gang Co-Founder Gutter Ric!

But, Ric won't get to take home the green jacket or the prize. The Gutter Cat Gang tweeted: "Sorry @gutterric you don't quality for the prize so we're giving it to the 1st place runner up. Congrats @NFTinsley! A Gutter Rat will be sent over within 48 hours to the wallet address submitted." Gutter Ric's name is scribbled out on the Leaderboard.

Austin Tinsley ( @NFTinsley), who came in at 11 under par to Ric's 19 under, was stoked: "@GutterCatGang I can’t believe it! I’m so blessed. @CryptoPlug2 thank you for reminding me to enter that tourney before it started. GANG MF GANG!!"

The Gang turned up to congratulate Austin Tinsley and marvel at Gutter Ric's picks. philly.puffergang.eth (@Phillythereum) tweeted, "The flex on us was enough. he knewwwwww. Congrats Tinsley! Great picking!"

Others in the Gang tweeted that they're looking for more of these kinds of opportunities. BeachBum (@BeachGOLF) said, "We should do this for every tournament, at the very least every major," and GutterDoug.eth (@GutterDoug_) wrote, "We need more of this stuff."

With Gutter Bets Club now in play, the Gang is ready to put their picks on the line to take home some gang gang prizes!

Congrats to Austin Tinsley (@NFTinsley) and to Gutter Ric on the Masters League leaderboard showing! Gang Gang!

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