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GUTTER GOLF: GCG Member eLBizzle Tees Up A Golf Brand! Find Out How To Get Tatted Gutter Blade Covers Here:

This Gutter Cat Gang member is taking a big swing, launching a golf brand and product that reps the Gutter!

elBizzle.eth (@ml_bizzle) teed up his new golf product yesterday, tweeting, "Coming soon GCG tatted blade covers made in the USA. Stay tuned for more information on my new golf brand and DM me if you’re interested…@GutterCatGang @guttercattimes #scottycameron #headcover #bettinardi #putter #golf."

He showed off four GCG-inspired tatted covers, including black-white, pink-black, gold-black, and black-gold tats.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Bizzle to find out more about his golf brand and how Gang can get in on the action.

He explained, "When I was community manager, I wanted to create a golf pool and kick off Gutter Golf Club in Discord. I researched things GCG could give away for the winners and collectible headcovers kept popping up in my head."

Biz engaged with manufacturers and shared designs to mock up products for Gutter Golf: "People have been discussing Gutter Golf for a long time, so I really see the potential to use Gutter IP on golf gear," he explained. Check out the tatted blade covers below:

Biz told the GCT, "I decided to start my own brand called 'Matland Golf' and the first collection of products will use Gutter IP as a collaboration between Matland Golf x GCG."

He's planning to add merch, including mallet covers, drivers, fairway woods, towels, hats and shirts: "I'm trying to get GCG IP out in the real world in front of real people so they can see how cool it is," he said.

Biz explained, "I’ll be working with some artists in the community to help with designs and will be introducing other unique ways customers can get involved in the design process for new covers."

Check out the 'Matland Golf' logo made by Gutter artist Joubrel, with Bizzle's Cat swinging a golf club:

How can the Gutter community get their paws (or wings) on these blade covers?

Biz said that his Shopify site is still in progress: "I want the brand to be fully buttoned up before I open the shop, but I'll sell to Gutter holders if they reach out directly or check my message in the verified Gutter Discord channel."

He's working to increase exposure for the brand, and invites others who are interested and want to help to hit him up!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Matland golf and Gutter's builders and businesses and bring you the latest news. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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