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GUTTER GOLD: GCG Member DaVincitheGreat Scores Gold Tat Cat To Complete Full Set

Gutter grails are in high demand, and this Gutter Cat Gang member got a heater today, courtesy of Gutter's Co-Founder Mitch!

DaVincitheGreat.eth (@DaVinci_ADA) completed a Gold Tats set, adding feline #2462 to his crew. This 7-Trait Cat has Gold Tats Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Stubble Beard, Gold Stud Earring, ETH Hat, Jobs Shirt, and Yellow Background.

"There will only ever be 3000 Cats. Shoutout to @GutterMitch for making this possible #GCG#Gang#Gang."

"I want to give a big shoutout to @GutterMitch for helping me out with the last piece to the puzzle for my Gold Tat set," he told the Gutter Cat Times. "Only two other holders have a full matching bg Gold Tat sets: @9gagceo and @metaMori_,"

He explained, "I first joined the Gang last year when Clones were about to drop. It was my first NFT and a fellow GCG member, @moondoggy__, introduced me to the Gutter."

DaVincitheGreat learned the web3 basics, created a wallet, and bought some crypto: "I then rolled the dice and minted a Gold Tat clone." Check out very his first GCG asset, that he still holds today:

Since rolling the dice on that Clone, DaVincitheGreat built up to his full Gold Tatted set.

He told the Gutter Cat Times, "I scooped up this Gold Tat Cat because I already collected 3 Gold Tat species with matching backgrounds, so it only made sense in Gutter fashion to complete the set!"

"I’ve always really resonated with the Gutter," he explained. "I love the art, the community, and its vibes. If the rest of web3 can see what the community sees, I believe Gutter can be restored to its former glory of a top bluechip project. The potential is infinite!!" Get a look at the fire AF set here:

DaVincitheGreat is stoked about GCG’s recent acquisition by Noah (@mauloadream). He shared, "The community was dying for an update on the future of GCG. When this deal took place, it created excitement within the community and brought back old members that previously left."

He added, "I knew Noah was a holder, but not much besides that. I watched his recent interview/podcast with Nifty’s and was impressed with his resume and business experience. He comes across as professional and passionate about web3. I’m bullish once again on the Gutter Cat Gang and that’s what drove my recent purchase!"

Gang MF Gang! The Gutter Cat Times will keep bringing you news from the community. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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