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GUTTER GOLD: GCG Member Birrd Scoops Up Gold Tats OG Cat! Find Out More Here:

This Gutter Cat Gang member is taking home the gold after picking up a banger of a Cat and completing a full-tats set!

"GM homies. Normally I like to give credit to the rats on #Ratuesday but gotta highlight this fuckin fire of a cat. WELCOME HOME MY GUY! Second set complete. Grail set achieved. Now to chill for awhile before I accumulate for KP @GutterCatGang @GutterDev," he tweeted earlier today, showing off his full tatted set with matching Pink backgrounds.

GCG Member Birrd.eth (@Birrd604) pounced on this 7-Trait feline with Gold Tats Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Whiskers, Blood Bandana, Toothpick Mouth, ThreeOhFive Shirt, and Pink Background, which he picked up for 3ETH, or $$6,521.78, according to Etherscan.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Birrd to find out more about his time in the Gutter and this newest addition.

He joined the Gutter in 2021: "I was relatively new to the NFT scene and was exploring the NFT social brands/communities. The street art vibes of the Gutter Cat collection mixed with the "scrappy gutter" attitude drew me to the GCG pretty quick."

As the Gutter ventured into street culture and art, he stayed invested in the community that grew around those shared interests: "I'm just a dude from the Gutter, enjoying my time exploring web3 with my global Gutter homies," he said.

Birrd told the Gutter Cat Times, "I place a value on the asthetic of the NFT. It's a piece of artwork that represents a social token, so you should vibe with the artwork to create character and connection. These grail sets are a perfect way to use your IP and weave it into your branding for your business, which is what this cat and his crew will be doing."

He thinks the Gutter IP can be taken far with the right marketing to expose Gutter to people outside of the small NFT and crypto sphere: "I'm excited for the fresh leadership in Noah and hope he brings some new ideas to the brand. I'm also excited about the reintroduction of "Gutter Art" to engage digital artists and the Gutter community."

He added, "I just gotta mention Gutter Picks in here. The Gutter has a ton going on for people to enjoy, but if you are active in web3 and enjoy a little of the degen side of it, Gutter Picks has been solid. Good group of homies and is honestly worth 5x what it costs to gain access - just need a species of any kind."

Congrats on the dope new addition and full-tatted set, Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the community and bing you news from the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all the Gang Gang information.

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