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Gutter Goes To Times Square: GCG Member MagnumAPI Snags Prime Real Estate To Promote The Gang!

If Gang can make it here, they'll make it anywhere. New York, New York!

From the courts of ESPN's The Basketball Tournament (TBT) to the streetz of NYC, the Gutter Cat Gang is showing up in prime real estate, expanding the brand's reach.

Yesterday, GCG community member MagnumAPI (@amazzara1) tweeted, "Gutter takes on the Big Apple @GutterCatGang @thepuffergang."

MagnumAPI's tweet shows a rotating cast of Gutter Cats on a billboard in Times Square. From his Puffers to Pimp Coats and Gold Tats, the Cats pop against the black backdrop.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to MagnumAPI to find out more about the Gutter's Big Apple showcase.

"I think it's great to raise awareness and create content by taking a photo of it IRL in NYC," he explained.

MagnumAPI said that "the billboard costs $40 USD for 15 seconds," and he bought 10 spots as an experiment.

He had wanted to publish the Gutter Cats' July 29th nail-biter Caturday comeback victory when they beat the 'Ville 64-62. "But," he explained, "a 4k format is needed and it wasn't yet available." (see below for the example of his initial idea for the billboard).

MagnumAPI added, "It's a prime location, and can't be bad for the Gutter."

Love the community continuing to promote the Gutter brand, especially in this iconic spot! Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the streetz on all things Gutter, all the time. Follow us @guttercattimes for more.

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