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Gutter Gets Skooled: Chalk Drawings Show Off Gang Assets

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

GCG community member BoredGutterNick.eth (@gutternick_eth) is keeping the Gutter "chalk-full" of art and Gutter fun with his recent chalkboard drawings that show off his skillz and Gang members' assets, re-imagined.

Two days ago, BoredGutterNick Tweeted, "Drop an NFT below you want drawn in chalk." He included a picture of a chalkboard with a frame.

Immediately, requests from across NFT communities poured in: Doodles, A Kid Called Beast, Pixelmage, and of course all species across the Gutter Cat Gang!

Since that time, we've seen his hand-drawn creations pop up in his Twitter thread and get raves from the Gutter community!

Sonofhomer (@KidJeweler22) dropped his Gutter Clone, a dog with Pac-man-like arcade game fur and silver GCG necklace. BoredGutterNick whipped up the drawing below:

Sonofhomer responded, "A master piece." BoredGutterNick replied, "I want to redo this and make it better; there's just so much detail lol. Will take another stab at this when I have more time."

@iamMRJOUBREL dropped his Gutter Dog, a heater Gutter Clone with a bone hat, blunt, icy fur, gold Gutter necklace, and #23 jersey. BoredGutterNick came through again, with his chalk-drawing.

@iamMRJOUBREL, a well-known Gutter artist, tweeted, "The old owner must be kicking himself now seeing how much of a model dog this is. Thank you!"

BoredGutterNick said, "Nah bro thank you for letting me draw something for you for once!" iamMRJOUBREL added, "Appreciate it bro you got something really cool going here keep it up they're getting better and better."

Appreciate BoredGutterNick for bringing the Gutter and other communities into his initiative! Let's see what else he creates. Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more Gutter fun and community news.

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