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Gutter Gets Prime Placement on SnoopDogg's Platform

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gang got a fun surprise the other day from GCG member, FITZY (@fitzyOG), when he Tweeted, "OH, so you thought I was gonna work for a web3 platform and NOT ensure that @GutterCatGang gets prime placement on our site?!? It's GangGang where i'm from."

FITZY is the Head of Creator Partnerships at @Shiller Platform, a live video & audio streaming platform for web3 artists, projects, and content creators. It's also co-founded by @SnoopDogg, a major figure in the web3 space.

According to the Shiller Website, the platform is designed for "the web3 community to come together and share their passion, explore ideas, collaborate and educate using authentic, interactive real-time video and audio broadcasts."

FITZY, who joined the GCG a couple of months after its mint and rocks Cat #251 as his pfp, added, "The platform helps creators control the medium of communication, token-gate their rooms, and makes showcasing and selling digital and physical items frictionless."

He included his GCG Cat on the Shiller platform because the "Gutter Cat Gang brand is cool." He said, "Do I think that this brand has the possibility of breaking into the mainstream? Yes. Do they already have activations with Web2? Yes - they engage with superstars." Plus, it's fun to say "Gang Gang!" He believes in the Gang's culture and connections to sports and music, two areas that he also feels connected to, especially hip-hop.

In fact, FITZY is doubling down on this conviction, recently adding another Cat to his collection. He tweeted, "@GutterCatGang is one of my 2 pure conviction play and always has been. Gang Gang."

He's excited for the Gang to grow their brand, saying, "They have the right ingredients." His hope is that the Gang might look to include sports like soccer, including his favorite team, Manchester United. Gang Gang!

Schiller's platform is aiming to launch in the near future, and you can check out the platform here: Just look for the Gutter Cat!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter as we continue to follow Gutter news and ways the Gang is using their brand to build cool shit and amplify the community.

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