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GUTTER GEAR: GCG Member YoBoyTazz Puts Gang IP To Use In Hoodie Collab With Gutter's Joubrel! Find Out How To Get Yours Here:

Baby, it's cold outside, but this Gutter Cat Gang member has got a hoodie to keep you toasty!

YoBoyTazz (@YoBoyTazz) is gearing up the Gutter and others through his company, Fligh ( that sells not only exclusive apparel, but rare streetwear and collectibles!

He recently tweeted, "#FlighCo Spooky SZN Hoodie. Stay Warm For The Winter Time With That FlighCo Hoodie! Order Online Today At $29.99usd. Worldwide Shipping. Art By: @iamMRJOUBREL #Limited Edition."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to YoBoyTazz to find out more about his company and how to get our paws on this limited edition hoodie!

He shared, "The Spooky SZN Hoodie idea came from the creative master himself, Mr. Joubrel. Everyday, Joubrel has a new style, idea, or masterpiece that he creates for the community and I wanted to use his artwork to honor his hard work and the Gutter Cat Gang culture."

Tazz, who joined the Gutter during the Gang's first run at The Basketball Tournament (TBT), launched FlighCo when he was in high school. The website explains: "I branded myself as the Fligh brand because I always liked to stay the flyest when it came to fashion."

Tazz told the GCT, "I decided to use my Gutter IP above all other because it was one of my first communities and a project that I'll definitely ride with until the end. So many great people and talented members that it motivates me to do the things I do in this space."

He explained that this hoodie drop is the first of many to come, and he's grateful to Mr. Joubrel and the GCG: "LFG!" he said.

Be sure to check out his custom Gutter hoodie and more at!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow YoBoyTazz and Gutter's creators, and bring you the latest from the streetz of the Gutter. Keep updates @guttercattimes on X for all things Gang Gang.

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