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Gutter Gaming Gets Going: Dynamic Duo Leads the Gang

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Caturday!

So. Much. MF. Heat. in the Gutter these days, as the Gutter Cat Gang launched new Clubs, including Gutter Gaming, a space designed to bring the Gang together to talk, strategize, and play multiplayer matches together.

Yesterday, Mach1ne.eth (@IAmMach1ne) tweeted, "I'm super stoked to announce that I'm now an admin of @GutterCatGang Gutter Gaming, along with @0xPops! My sick new header from @iamMRJOUBREL is my Cat PFP, on my gaming setup. Happy to help anyone with their setup, streaming, goals of any kind. GMFINGG. See you in the discord."

Mach1ne.eth got into the GCG in summer of 2022 with an OG Pigeon, and said, "Now I have 9 OG's, and they are ALL Trilogies!"

The Gutter Cat Times asked Mach1ne about plans for Gutter Gaming, and he explained, "With Gutter Gaming, I'm planning tournaments, IRL meetups, setup maximization, PC build helper, and of course, bringing GCG to my personal Twitch streams!"

Mach1ne is a former Halo pro (team Absolute Perfexion) and currently plays Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, and iRacing. His Twitch is, and he's rebranding it with his Gutter assets. Gang Gang!

The Gang was stoked by Mach1ne's announcement, with DrtyMonkey.eth tweeting, "Dude! Congratulations, this is freaking awesome!" and wenrat.eth adding, "Congrats gang!!! Your a perfect match for the job!!"

Joining Mach1ne is 0xPops (@0xPops), who spearheaded a Gutter Gaming Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Tournament for the Gang back in February. Yesterday, he tweeted, "Happy to announce I'll be an admin for the @GutterCatGang Gutter Gaming Club, along side @IAmMach1ne! Excited for the opportunity to bring together the Gutter community and represent one of the dopest projects in web3!"

Momo (@mom02sm), who participated in the Call of Duty tournament led by 0xPops, tweeted, "Let's gooo!!! I can't wait to play with you guys!!!"

0xPops said he's got a lot of ideas that he's excited to combine with Mach1ne's. He said, "I can’t confirm anything just yet, but we plan on having tournaments for plenty of games that everyone can access." He also would like to "collab with other clubs and bring the best of both worlds into one."

0xPops said he's also "excited to gain experience in a field I’m passionate about. Mach1ne has plenty of insider knowledge I can learn from. With our worlds combined I’m sure we can deliver nothing but great things for the Gutter community."

The Gang is here for it, and can't wait to get their Gutter Gaming on! Stoked to see what this dynamic duo has in store to light up the club!

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