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Gutter Gallery: Amplifying GCG Creators & Entrepreneurs

Why wait 'til Caturday to drop dope Gang Gang news?!

Today the Gutter Cat Gang launched the GCG Community Gallery to showcase community using Gutter IP to build creative products.

The Gang tweeted, "The GCG Community Gallery is a dedicated platform to display projects from creators & entrepreneurs in the community who utilize the IP of their Gutter digital collectibles. Explore featured projects or submit your own to share with the world:

Whether fashion, food, art, music, comics, or other creative initiatives, the GCG Community Gallery spotlights Gutter creators. The Gallery also invites interaction; community members can "vote to push favorite picks to the top," and "submit work to be featured."

More than a pfp, the Gutter Cat Gang is cultivating membership and community. Reacting to the announcement, Bo_Knows tweeted, "BUILDING WITH COMMUNITY." He shared a screenshot of some projects currently featured on the site. Bolty added, "Love this. Makes me want to make something.."

Currently, there are 11 Gutter Community projects featured in the Gallery, ranging from art, food & beverages, collectibles, fashion, and animation. Check out Gutter community members' IP in use below:

Naxeesi, a well-known Gutter artist and one of the featured creators said, "It's exciting to be featured; as the Gutter Cat Gang gains traction on their website, it will help bring more exposure to these creators. You never know who’s watching. Every creator needs to take advantage of this opportunity!"

G..W, who is completing a book called, "The Last Lab Rat," said: "Feels great to be featured on their initial launch of the page. Looking forward to seeing who they add to it in the coming's awesome to see the team highlighting community builders and having a genuine interest in what people are doing with their assets."

Get on it, Gutter creators and entrepreneurs! Head to the site at and submit your project, upvote your favorites, and support your Gang Gang family! To submit a project, you just need a wallet with a Gutter asset.

@guttercatimes will continue to cover Gutter community creators and entrepreneurs. Follow us on Twitter for spotlights and news.

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