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Gutter Flight: GCG-Sponsored HS Basketball Team Soars With Community Support!

Gutter Flight Basketball Club is bound to reach new heights, rockin' their GutterMelo kicks!

As the GCT reported earlier, Gutter Flight is the Gutter Cat Gang's sponsored youth basketball team launched by brothers Paw (@Paw1239_) and Trapatouille (@TrapatouilleGCG).

In June, they put out a call for shoe donations to outfit their Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) high school players. The community showed up, and today, Gutter Flight tweeted:

Not only does the community rally behind Gutter Flight, Gutter Flight contributes right back, gifting art from GCG's incredible artists, TJ and Joubrel, to everyone who donated kicks!

Plus, Gutter Flight recently sent a "swag bag" to Gutter Labs Head of Projects & Partnerships, NoFreakingTime (@NoFreakingTime), who initially sparked the community donation challenge.

She told the Gutter Cat Times, "Hanging on a Gutter FM spaces one night, I challenged the community to outfit the team in GutterMelos. Paw put together a graphic with sizes needed and hit the ground running."

Last week, NoFreakingTime shouted out Gutter Flight on Twitter: "Seriously brought a tear to my eye to come home to a very LARGE package from our incredibly talented, community led AAU ball team @GutterFlight today. Thank you guys so much for the incredible merch and most importantly this ball with words of encouragement from players."

She told the Gutter Cat Times, "It really fills my heart to know this team is supported by a group of passionate community members. The Gutter Flight team has shown what's possible when we work together and they've earned a forever fan through their hard work and big hearts."

The package included Gutter Flight swag and a @weareround21 Tabula Rasa ball. Paw told the Gutter Cat Times, "The team talked about mental health and how it translates on the court. Each player took a moment to write a phrase of positivity on the ball which started with 'Gutter Flight - We're Here For The Journey.' Tabula Rosa basketballs become game-worn, and the dirt and scuff over time is a reminder of the experiences created, collected and overcome along the way."

Paw explained to the GCT, "We sent a swag bag to NoFreakingTime because of all the work and dedication she has for the GCG Community, specifically the Gutter Flight team. It was a token of our appreciation for all the help she has given us over the last year."

"In the last Twitter Space she did, she explained how working in web3 can have its difficulties, but being able to celebrate the wins is key. And this was one of those moments. Knowing that her work has reached across the country in such a positive way is a huge win for both of us," he shared.

Excited to see Gutter Flight continue to soar, on the court and off!

Thanks to the Gutter community for continuing to support the team! The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow this community initiative. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang!

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