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GUTTER ENERGY: GCG Member & Artist Brian Morris Has Just Enough 'Give-A-Fuck To Make Things Happen'

The Gutter Cat Gang is blazing a trail with its innovative artists and creators leading the charge, and this member is bringing a dose of working class Chicago spirit to his Gutter art.

GCG member Brian Morris (@ooo000ooo), told the Gutter Cat Times: "The Gutter is full of people that are doing their own thing with the resources on hand. Humble beginnings, big dreams, and just enough give-a-fuck to make them happen. I relate to that." And the Gang relates to his dynamic art!

Recently, he showed off a dope GCG Cat illustration, tweeting, "Blazing and buck in his comfy chair, a trip rolling through the hi-fi. Grand rising leads the mind on a journey where worries can not go. Slipping stripes fade and perception rises up to the 'fro. Inside Gutter Cat 1481 for @NyCleaner. Beanie Gang and Gutter bringing new energy."

The Gutter Cat Times connected with Brian to find out more about his own initiation into the Gang and what he's creating.

He said, "I joined the Gang on October 3, 2021, and have since completed a set with another in progress. I connected with the vibe of Gutter and the growing community - it’s always had a realness to it."

Having lived in a working class Chicago neighborhood on the south side for the past 20-years, he explained, "It’s not a bad spot, but there’s bullet holes on the outside of my house. The experience has shown me a lot about what folks with grit are capable of, good and bad. Gutter art scenes look to be pulled straight from the alley behind my home. Gutter felt like my reality."

In the 29-second video below, Brian gives us a peek into the reality of creating his vibrant illustration, saying, "Inside Gutter Cat 1481 drawn in the flow."

Brian told the GCT that he's been drawing since a young age, and understood early on that he enjoyed making images: "I felt centered when I drew and developed a love for that feeling."

He later entered the illustration and design field prior to college, and followed that path while working in advertising agencies and consulting firms.

"I didn’t call myself an Artist until exiting my agency career to focus on drawing," he said. Lucky for us he did, 'cause check out the illustration below that's embedded in the Cat 1481 image!

He added, "@NyCleaner and the Beanie Gang are putting into action what I think the Gutter is about. Doing your thing with the resources at hand, with people you like, and having a good time doing it. After talking to him couple times about what he and the crew is up to, he asked if I’d be interested in playing too. Beanie Gang has a lot in motion, keep your eyes peeled."

You heard it here, Gang! Keep your eyes on the Beanie Gang. YKTFV!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to amplify Gutter's creators and builders, and bring news from the streets of the Gutter to the Gang. Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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