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GUTTER DRIP: GCG Member JagART Dressed The Gang In Pepe Gear

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang and other communities have been surfing the Pepe waves these past weeks, riding the highs, lows, and everything in between.

Today's highlight on the Pepe front came from the Gang's JagART.eth, a Gutter creator and graphic designer: "GM for everyone!" he tweeted. "If you are part of @GutterCatGang @BoredApeYC @Azuki @y00tsNFT drop your pfp below to get a free $pepe edit. This is my way to say thanks to the amazing community that supports my work!"

The Gang community showed TF up on the timeline to get outfitted in Pepe green!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to JagART.eth to find out more about today's edits, and he shared, "In these last 12 hours I made a total of 21 editions for the community. It was a lot of work, but I had a great time."

He added that he's "fascinated by the Pepe coin movement" and wanted to help the community support the coin with some custom merch.

Check out some of the Gang Gang species' Peped-edits below belonging to DOGGTOR.eth, Addictedbcn.eth, naxeesi.eth GutterVato, and 6feels:

After today's marathon Pepe-edit session, JagART.eth said he won't be making additional editions of the Pepe merch (so consider yourself lucky if you got in on the exclusive edit)!

But, he said, "If the community asks for it, I'll do another free editing marathon!"

For other types of editions or animations Gang can contact JagART.eth (@jagarteth) by sending a DM or by e-mail to Also, check out his website at!

Gang Gang, and thanks to JagART.eth for outfitting the Gang in the latest styles!

Follow @guttercattimes for more news and updates from the Gutter.

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