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Gutter Dan Shoots & Scores With Latest LaMelo x PUMA Trailer

Gutter = Sports.

The Gutter Cat Gang is ballin' after Gutter Dan dropped a new teaser trailer hyping up the Gang's upcoming collaboration with LaMelo Ball and PUMA.

The GCG's new 27 second teaser begins with an asteroid careening towards Earth.

The next shot showed NBA Charlotte Hornets superstar, LaMelo Ball, rockin' his custom 1-1s featuring PUMA's Gutter Cat.

LaMelo then takes on a thermal, Predator-like, heat-generated appearance.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Gutter's collab links back to the interactive Gutter City map.

On May 15th, the Gutter Cat Gang shared a "Something's coming tweet and video," announcing their "out of this world" collab with LaMelo x PUMA.

The video showed the asteroid striking a densely forested area identified as the SW Quadrant, Gutter City. A basketball court appears among the trees.

The earlier video also showed a thermal view of basketball players, similar to the latest one Dan dropped with LaMelo Ball.

While we don't yet know the nature of the collab, we know that Gutter Sports is in the SW Quadrant of the Gutter City map, and that the site says: "Sports is in the Gutter's DNA. Whether it's custom kicks worn by NBA all-stars or Team Gutter Cats dominating the courts live on ESPN, the Gutter is cementing itself by merging digital and physical in the world of sports."

The Gang is excited for this latest video and connection with LaMelo x PUMA. Replying to Gutter Dan's tweet, the Gang showed TF up, with Gutter Gangster saying, "Yo this is fire!" and cryptohomer.eth tweeting, "Can't wait to see what they have cooking."

Something's definitely cookin', Gang! The Gutter Cat Times will continue to track this story and keep the Gang up to date as more info drops.

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