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Gutter Club Scene Heats Up: Gutter Gaming & GutterX Launch

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang's Club scene is pumping, with two brand new additions to the growing constellation of gang gang groups: Gutter Gaming and GutterX.

Recently, the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Gang Gang, two new clubs are now available to join on the Gutter Collectors Hub."

Gutter Gaming provides a space for gamers to share tips and strategy, "drop in for multiplayer squads," and connect with other gamers in the Gang.

GutterX is a club for "sneaker, streetwear, and collectible enthusiasts." Gang can connect to trade, share info, and plot to beat the bots on the next drop."

Both of these clubs and the others can be accessed from the Gutter Cat Gang's official hub:

holderofbags.eth (@holderofbags) will be spearheading the GutterX club, and recently tweeted, "Happy to announce that I'll be helping head up the GutterX community with @GutterCatGang - we will be working to build the go-to-club for sneaker, streetwear, vintage and collectible enthusiasts."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to holderofbags.eth to get the scoop on his plans for GutterX. Having previously owned a resale clothing company and been in the Gang since July, 2021, he's "excited to get more involved in the community and cook up some ways for our members to get in on the big drops." He's "talking to a few stores/brands for some small giveaways to start, but thinking big for the group." holderofbags plans to provide ongoing info on upcoming sneaker drops, and engage collectible traders, too.

Gang community members are hyped, with members like yfdaddy.eth (@YFDaddy) immediately replying: "Shit bro..lmk if y'all need help lol I own a vintage / streetwear shop in Vegas and have for almost 6+ years." holderofbags responded, "I'm gonna shoot you a DM." FITZY.eth (@fitzyOG) tweeted, "Such a sick idea is this so congrats on leading the charge on this piece of the puzzle mate! Think there’s a great opportunity to do some cross community spaces with other fashion focused web3 brands at some point!"

Go hit the club scene, Gang! Get in on Gutter Gaming and GutterX with like-minded community members. If any Gang are interested in starting a Gutter Club, community members can reach out to a Community Manager in Discord and make their request. Gang MF Gang!

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