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GUTTER CHECK: Here's The Full Team Roster For ESPN's 'The Basketball Tournament!'

The Gutter Cats are back, and ready to hit the court this week in ESPN's The Basketball Tournament (TBT)!

Geared up in their custom GCG uniforms and coming in hot, the Gutter Cat Gang got a good look at the fire power who'll be reppin' the Gang!

Earlier today, TBT (@thetournament) tweeted, "Gutter Cats' FULL TBT ROSTER," and listed the GCG team's stacked deck.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, TBT is a competition made up of top professional, college alumni, and international basketball players competing in a single-elimination 5-on-5 tournament for a winner-take-all $1 Million prize. This will be its 10th Anniversary year.

The Gutter Cat Gang community showed up on the TL to rally around the players, with Big Lou replying, "Ahhhhh shit @qj_peterson fresh off killing the summer league too," and Rob saying, My guy @21Taiwo."

For more information on the Gutter Cats' players, GCG community should check out Tom Wagmi's tweet (see below), which lays out player highlights, Twitter handles, and more!

With the first game kicking off on Tuesday, 7/25 at 2PM ET, the Gutter Cat Gang community aren't the only ones getting stoked for the tourney.

Seth Greenberg (@SethOnHoops), a college basketball analyst on ESPN, tweeted, "Next stop @thetournament Louisville Region. Stacked region. @LouisvilleMBB National Championship team entered as well as my @GutterCatGang friends."

The Gutter Cat Times is also picking up hints that the Gang might see some Gutter Cats' players rockin' GutterMelos during TBT.

Yesterday, TheAspiringNobody (@spiringNobody) tweeted, "LFG! Did y'all give the team the LaMelos to rock?" and Gutter Dan responded with the eyes emoji, which is meant to draw attention or highlight something.

Stay tuned sports fans! The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from TBT and the Gutter.

Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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