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"Gutter Cats Comin'": Two-Years Ago Today, Gutter Cat Gang Showed Off The Felines!

Can I get a "Gang Gang" for Gutter Cat Gang?

It's hard to believe, but two-years ago today, the GCG dropped its first preview of the OG Cats and made its mark on the NFT space.

The Gutter-versary of the Gutter Cat Gang mint is coming up in June, and the Gutter Cat Times is taking a look back to highlight the early dayz!

On May 31st, 2021, the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Gutter Cats comin'. 3,000 unique #NFTs where each Gutter Cat includes initiation into the Gang (w/ gang-only benefits). For a chance to win a Gutter Cat:

1 - Follow @GutterCatGang

2 - Retweet, Like, & Comment on this tweet

The 23-second video in their tweet kicks off with shots of various Gutter Cats, and then expands to show a frame of the ones below.

While most of the traits in the video clip are represented in the final collection of 3,000 Cats, there are a few that show up here that didn't make the cut, like the Cowboy Shirt in the first column, 3rd from the top; the colorful Skull Caps on the Cats in the first and second rows; and the Cowboy Hats on the Cats in the bottom two rows.

The video includes the now well-known Gutter anthem, "Keep It Gutter," created by @CRYPTO_HART.

In the responses to the original tweet, @savetheanimals says, "Spot on with the music!" and the Gutter Cat Gang shouts out the creator.

The video closes with a shot of the Gutter Cat Autonomous Zone and two Grey Gutter Cats hanging out on the streetz.

A version of that scene, titled "Welcome to The Gutter," and many others are currently available to download as backgrounds on the Gutter Cat Gang hub:

Not only did the Gutter Cat Gang drop their video on May 31st to hype the project, but Gutter Ric also posted in the Gutter Discord: "Appreciate the support Gutter fam - we'll be dropping more information in the FAQ and Announcements channels over the next few days."

Approaching the 2-year mark, the Gutter Cat Gang has come a long way, baby!

As of this writing, the Gang has:

  • 10,893 Total Members

  • 112 Kingpins, who own 5 or more Cats

  • 776 Full Set Holders

  • 316 Trilogy Holders

Stick around for more Gutter-versary news from the Gutter Cat Times as we get closer to the two-year mark of this next-generation brand merging street culture and web3! Gang Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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