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Gutter Cat Gang Gutter-fied Iconic Elon Musk Moment

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Lots of fun flying the Gutter today, as the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted "GM @elonmusk," and shared a picture of a Gutter Cat smoking weed to celebrate their gold check Twitter verification.

They added to their thread: "@joerogan @JamieVernon come get your mans."

The picture pays homage to Elon's iconic appearance on Episode 1169 of The Joe Rogan Experience, where he smoked weed while talking with Joe and Jamie.

GCG's tweet came a day after @elonmusk posted a picture of a "Seize the memes of production" card from The Memes by @punk6529; Elon deleted it a few hours later.

Gang reacted to the tweet with enthusiasm, with scuffed.eth saying, "This is amazing," and Bolty writing, "I like it, I want one. GG."

Fitzy.eth tweeted, "The expression on the face here is just SOOO good!! Gang Gang." safemoney.eth added, "Masterpiece."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow cultural and social trends of the Gutter, and see whether Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, or Young Jamie decide to "gang gang" it up with the Gutter!

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