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Gutter Cat Gang Community Are Breaking Out Their 40oz To Celebrate This Gang Member's 40th Trilogy!

This Gutter Cat Gang member just hit a gang gang milestone as he stacked his 40th Trilogy, and many in the community are pouring one out to this OG Kingpin!

A Gutter Cat Gang Trilogy is comprised of an OG species, a D1 Clone, and a D2 Clone!

Having one trilogy is impressive, but for DOGGTOR.eth that's child's play!

While he secured his 40th Trilogy, he also secured the 5th overall spot on the Gutterboard, with 26 Cats, 19 Rats, 14 Pigeons, 21 Dogs, 45 D1 Clones, 42 D2 Clones, and 14 Full Sets. And now he's #1 for Trilogies!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to DOGGTOR.eth to find out more about being in the Gang, his army of Gutter OGs and Clones, and how he feels about hitting the fantastic 40 Trilogies!

He said, "My first buy in the Gutter was in fact a Clone a little over a year ago. I decided to join the Gang mainly because of the quality of the art. But soon after joining, I noticed that same quality was reflected in the Gutter community, making it an easy decision for me to get my first Cat."

DOGGTOR.eth added, Trilogies make that OG perfection. The Clone art is top notch and the details are unique to each OG. You can get lost in some of those details!"

"It has been challenging to put some of this trilogies together and the process of hunting D1 and D2s has been interesting, to say the least! But that makes them more valuable to me."

Although it's not clear what role the Trilogies will play in the future, DOGGTOR.eth said he's looking forward to finding out.

He added, "The community remains strong and supportive. This a clearly a tough market so it's imperative to remain supportive to each other. A community can make or break a project. Let's stick together. Let's grow it together. We are all GANG!"

Congrats on creating your 40th Trilogy, DOGGTOR! Gang can check out his dope full gang gang crew of OGs and Clones below!

Congrats again, DOGGTOR.eth! Quite the Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes for more news and happenings from the community, covering all things Gutter, all the time!

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