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GUTTER = ART: GCG Artist WOODENCYCLOPS Says "Art Is Life," As He Makes Dope Designs For The Gang!

This Gutter Cat Gang member and artist has been creating rad AF edits for the Beanie Gang and community, showing off his unique style!

WOODENCYCLOPS.eth (@WoodenCyclops) is in high demand, with a recent derivative to gear up the Gang with a sick red beanie and headphones!

"Shoutout to this dope ass BG edit by @WoodenCyclops. Check below for the layer or hmu to edit it onto your cat. Appreciate you Wooden!" the Beanie Gang tweeted recently.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to WOODENCYCLOPS to find out more about his art and connections to the Gutter.

He said, "I'm new to the Beanie Gang, thanks to Cleany! But, I bought a Gutter Rat Clone last year. My friend, Pop Wonder, got me stoked on Gutter and I needed one. Love the community and the art is rad, perfect for derivatives and just all together fun. Stoked to be Beanie Gang! Just such great vibes."

Check out his 5-Trait Rat, #881, with Black Fur, Pirate Eyes, Hawaiian Shirt, Beanie Hat, and Yellow Background:

WOODENCYCLOPS told the GCT that he's been into art since he was a kid: "It’s always been my home wherever I go, and has gotten me everywhere I’ve needed to be."

He added, "It’s definitely something I have to do daily for my brain and the only outlet for my creativity. My art is life and lord of all!"

Lucky for the Gang, who've been seeking out derivatives from him! Yungus recently tweeted, "I was just blessed by @WoodenCyclops with this absolute HEATER of a derivative of my grail @GutterCatGang Black Tat Cat. Shouts to @NyCleaner & @BeanieGangg for the link."

Check it out here:

He added, "Cleany hit me up, and I had so much fun. I told him, anytime! I loved making these. No sketch, just stream of consciousness. And as long as anyone wants them, I’ll continue to make them."

Check out a few of his creations below, and be sure to hit up WOODENCYCLOPS in DMs to get one of your own!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's creators and artists, and bring you news from the GCG community.

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