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Gutter Adds Another Kingpin: The Journey From Clone to Crown

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang crowned a new Kingpin this past weekend, when Bolty (@ashley_boulter) tweeted, "New @GutterCatGang Kingpin in town ladies and gentleman. It's been a journey, but I finally made it; bullish as ever on the #Gang. LFG!"

Bolty's purchase of a 5th OG Gutter Cat means he joins Gutter's Kingpindao, a collective of the largest holders of the @GutterCatGang focused on driving value to the GCG community and the KPD. He joined the Gang with a pigeon clone in May of 2022, and told the Gutter Cat Times that he was "immediately welcomed by the community. I had not experienced anything like it before, a true Gutter welcome."

Hooked on the Gang's community, and "how much fun the GCG can be," Bolty picked up a set of clones and had his eye on OG species.

Still, he "couldn't have imagined being able to get a cat, it just seemed too out of reach." Fast forward nine months, and he's been taking advantage of this market downturn to pick up Gutter Cats and be ready for the next boom cycle. He's "bullish as ever" on the Gang.

After Bolty's Kingpin Tweet, the Gang showed up to congratulate him: eTH.eth tweeted, "That is a serious Gutter wrecking crew! Gang Gang! Congrats Kingpin!" and DOGGTOR.eth JAV said, "Welcome to the kingdom!! Gang!"

Congrats on the journey from Clone to Kingpin, Bolty! Gang Gang!

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