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Gutter 2.0: Gutter Focus Groups to Build Brand + Community

Gang Gang from The Gutter Cat Times! The Gutter is heating up, amplifying their focus on brand and community by involving Gutter members in focus groups.

In today's gang news, Gutter Mitch posted in Discord that GCG has worked to create a brand with "staying power," and want to put more "emphasis on a fundamental aspect of web3 - building in public alongside the community...." He acknowledged that there's been FUD recently, and that the Gutter team continues to work towards their vision to "build the greatest web3 lifestyle brand."

Gutter Mitch wrote that, "It's time to [involve] the community in a more meaningful way into the direction, decision making, and process of building. Gutter 2.0 starts now." The team is going to begin by engaging Gutter community members in "semi-regular focus groups," to "share their constructive feedback and suggestions."

The first focus group is January 12th, and Gang members who want to participate in focus groups should submit their interest here:

Stay tuned for more news from the Gutter and be sure to follow the Gutter Cat Times on Twitter!

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