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GORDON GUTTER: GCG Artist TJ Immortalized BAYC Founder Gordon Goner's Recent Bathroom Selfie!

Smile, because this Gutter Cat Gang artist is bringing his Gutter style to the swamp, creating an illustration for BAYC founder, Gordon Goner!

Over the last month, Goner has been delighting the web3 space with NFT purchases from his toilet throne and sharing selfies!

This prompted well known Gutter Cat Gang artist TJ (@tjsnewwaveart), to drop a picture of BAYC's famous founder on the timeline after seeing an IRL pic of Goner taking a bathroom selfie while rockin' a hoodie and T-shirt. Check out the inspiration pic below:

"Sup Gordon," TJ tweeted, after seeing that photo. "Couldn't sleep so I got bored and thought you might like this art I drew of your ape. @GordonGoner @BoredApeYC." Check out the illustration below:

After TJ dropped his rendition on the TL, Gordon Goner replied, "Love this! Immortalizing the bathroom!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to TJ to find out more about his art and reaction to the top banana's response!

He said, "To be honest I wasn’t ready for him to reply at all, since he’s one of the BAYC founders. I can’t imagine how many DMs and notifications he gets every day. I thought, 'My art is probably going to get lost there but it’s cool.'"

TJ told the GCT that he created the piece because he couldn't sleep that night. He'd been scrolling and saw Goner's post with his photo: "I thought it would be cool If I drew him, but with his Ape instead!" Check out the pic below:

TJ added, "When I woke up the morning after I tweeted my art, I had so many notifications I didn’t know what was happening!"

"I’m happy everyone liked the art, especially him. Since BAYC is one of the OGs in the space, having the founder react to my post was definitely awesome!" he said.

For anyone looking for TJ to create art, you can hit him up via DM at @tjsnewwaveart! Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's creators and builders, and bring you news on all all things Gutter, all the time! Follow us @guttercattimes for all the Gang Gang news.

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