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Golden Gato: GCG Member Pops.eth Scoops Shiny, Inked up OG Grail!

This Gutter Cat Gang member brought home the gold yesterday, grabbing an absolute gutter grail .

Pops.eth (@Pops_eth_) tweeted, "Had my eyes on this @GutterCatGang cat for a long time, and finally pulled the trigger. Thank you @xoept_eth."

Gutter Cat #197 is a 6-Trait, with Gold Tats Fur, Green Eyes, Gold Hoop Earring, Toothpick Mouth, ETH Necklace, and Blue Background. He bought it for 4.2 ETH, of $7,808.60, according to Etherscan.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Pops - who joined the Gutter shortly after mint - to find out more about his new addition.

He said, "I'd been eyeing this cat for over a year, and had many discussions with the previous owner trying to work something out. He contacted me to let me know where the price was at, and I couldn’t pass it up!"

The Gang flooded Pops timeline with love for the pick up: SDfromtheLou said, "Insane cat. Congrats!" NapoleonTNT.GANG tweeted, "Congratulations Pops!! Fuckin banger bro!! Gang Gang!!" And Yungus, who's scooped a few grails recently, wrote, "Congrats, Pops! Faster fingers than me this AM! GG."

Pops told the Gutter Cat Times that ever since he joined the Gutter, it's felt like home.

He said, "All the friendships we can build through GCG are second to none. The other night I was looking for tickets to the Packers vs Raiders Football game coming up this October in Vegas. I get a message from a friend I met through the Gang, who resides in Vegas, and he was looking to make a deal on one of my Cats. He has connections for tickets, and we were able to work out a deal, with tickets included. I never would’ve had access to some of the opportunities I’ve had if it weren't for the GCG."

He added, "I’m excited for the partnerships GCG has already put together, and excited to see how they can leverage that moving forward."

Pops has been showing his love for the Gutter by stacking assets. He currently holds 12 Cats, 8 Rats, 7 Pigeons, 7 Dogs, 54 D1 Clones, and 6 D2 Clones according to the Gutterboard. Gang MF Gang! Check out his dope Cat Collection below!

Congrats on the dope grail Cat, Pops!

Follow us @guttercattimes for more news on the Gang Gang community, events, and happenings from the Gutter.

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