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GOLD STANDARD: GCG Member Big Lou Completes Gold Jacket Set!

This Gutter Cat Gang member has grabbed the gold, completing his first full set - and a shiny Gold Jacket one, at that!

Big Lou, who reps the Gutter's Gold Jacket Gang and crushes FUD, has been putting together his set over the past few months.

"I would put my set against anyone's in the @GutterCatGang. Gang Gang and Good Game Bois," he tweeted yesterday, showing off the complete set with the new Dog and Pigeon additions.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Big Lou to get the inside scoop on this Gold Jacket Gang and what he's stoked about for the GCG's future.

Big Lou said, "it started with @hittmannyc getting me my Cat, then @EZweeks traded me the Pigeon and I worked out a deal with @harbyNFT for the Dog and the rest is history."

He rocks his Cat as his pfp: a rad 5-Trait Cat #1826, with White Tiger Fur, Squinted Green Eyes, Beanie Hat, Gold Jacket, and a Purple background.

The Gang rallied around Big Lou, stoked about his new Gold Jacket set!

Tork Penderloin (@P8erade4u) said, "Shut it down. It's over. Thanks for playing. Big Lou wins. GG yall. gang gang," and Hall of Fame Lance (@LanceSweatpants) tweeted, "this full set too mf crazy i may or may not be hatin."

Big Lou told the Gutter Cat Times, "I'm bullish on everything Gang."

He added, "The market sucks right now and everyone’s in their feels, but GCG is dropping the very FIRST edition of a brand new shoe model with PUMA x LaMelo is being grossly underrated and understated. We also have the #1 seed in the TBT tourney. I am HYPED for the future and I know the team has more coming. Gang mfin Gang!"

Congrats on the set, Big Lou! Gang Gang!

The @guttercattimes will bring you more community news and updates from the Gutter. Follow us on Twitter for all Gang, all the time.

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