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GOING GUTTER: This Anon Wallet Is Stacking Cats & Making Gang Gang Moves

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

As the well-known saying by investor Warren Buffet goes, "...Be greedy when others are fearful."

While the market has been experiencing a downturn, there's still a steady buzz of activity in the Gutter as folks amass Cat collections, suggesting - as with this Punk - that collectors are bullish on the Gutter Cat Gang's long-term value and brand impact.

The Gutter Cat Times observed that one day ago, an anon wallet swept 4 cats for 5.292 ETH or $9,015.08 (on day of purchase).

Check out the collection of Cats - 2190, 1332, 823, and 516 - this anon bought below:

Cat #2190 is a four trait cat with Bali fur, white eyes, a toothpick, and a green background.

Cat #1332 is a six-trait Cat, with Orange Tabby fur, squinted green eyes, stubble, a durag, headphones, and a blue background.

Cat #823 is another six-trait Cat, with Grey Tabby fur, white eyes, a durag, gold chains, a ski jacket, and a green background.

Cat #516 has 7-traits, including Orange Tabby fur, squinted yellow eyes, stubble, a diamond hoop earring, Donnie hair, and a black tank on a yellow background.

Congrats to the anon buyer of these four dope Gutter Cats! Gang Gang!

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