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Get Your Mind Blown By Gutter Clones: Gang Builds Clone Army

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Caturday!

This Gutter Cat Gang member is amassing a mind blowin' crew of gang gang Gutter Clones!

Yesterday, DCACRYPTO Shawn LU (@StevenLu168) tweeted, "GM From Malaysia. Bought my 64th - 68th Gutter Clones. Show me your Clones below! Gang Gang!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to DCACRYPTO to find out more about his growing army of Clones and what keeps him coming back to the Gutter for more!

He said that he joined the Gang in February, 2022, and really likes the vibes of the Gutter Cat Gang community.

DCACRYPTO appreciates what the Gang has already accomplished, such as "working with brands like Puma," and sees the team and the community continuing to "promote the Gutter Cat Gang brand."

Looking ahead to the future, he's excited for the Gang to keep growing and activating the GCG vision and roadmap, including $Gang token. As a PFP, he sees the Gang as one of the most popular, and is stoked to be a leader on the Gutterboard for his Clones.

Spread across a few different wallets, the Gutter Cat Times assembled 54 of DCACRYPTO's 68 Clones to show off the incredible art and Gutter commitment! Check out these Gang Gang beauties below:

Congrats, DCACRYPTO on your 68th Clone! Can't wait to see what more's in store for your army and the Gutter Cat Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more community news and events from the Gutter.

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