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GCG Sweep: This BAYC Got Gutter Today, Picking Up Rats, Dogs, Pigeons, & A Cat!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Though the market may be a bit slow, the scoops were coming fast and furious today in the Gutter Cat Gang!

Hoodriiich.eth (@hoodriiich_eth) tweeted, "Just swept a good amount of

@GutterCatGang assets, including the fine homies below. Yes the Gutter is down bad, but I have been in it since day 1 and see the dip as indicator of potential upside. See you in the streetz."

Hoodriiich's sweep included 10 GCG assets, for a total purchase of 1.761 ETH, or $3,358.17, according to Open Sea.

He picked up 1 Cat, 3 Rats, 3 Dogs, and 3 Pigeons. Check out the 10 new additions here:

Hoodriiich's Gutterboard info puts him in the top 100 holders for Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, and Full Sets.

He now holds 2 Cats, 4 Rats, 4 Pigeons, 4 Dogs, 10 D1 Clones, and 4 D2 Clones, plus17 Gutter Juices. His 4 Trilogies put him in the top 50 holders in the Gutter.

The Gang showed up on the timeline, stoked about Gutter OG Hoodriiich's sweep!

BigPeenGene (@6arretteth) said, "Hell yeah! Throwing this on the list of things you love to see."

LegCap responded, "Gutter always! Gang Gang homie!" And TJS ART said, "Fire snipes fam."

Congrats on the sweep and the new additions, Hoodriiich! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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