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Gang Shit: GCG Member TheHefferWolfe Is Permanently Bullish On The Gang After His Recent Tattoo!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

This Gutter Cat Gang community member is so bullish on the Gang that his latest tattoo is the Gutter's brand logo!

"Did some gang shit today," TheHefferWolfe tweeted yesterday, showing off his black inked Gutter tat.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to TheHefferWolfe to get the down low on this fresh ink!

He said, "I don't need much inspiration to get a tattoo...but for me this one has two meanings: representing a team and community I care about as well as a symbol of what I have been able to accomplish in this space. I'm very proud to hold the Gutter assets that I do and super appreciative of all the good hearted and intelligent Cats I've met in the Gang."

TheHefferWolfe joined the gang in April 2022 with an OG Rat. Before owning his Gutter asset, he "thought the Gutter Cat Gang possessed the quintessential pfp."

He explained, "I was in search of a new community and always admired the Gutter for their grit and the Gutter attitude. Most importantly for me, though, it was the art. Clones were on the horizon when I first joined, and the sneak peeks I saw got me super excited."

They sure did, 'cause according to the Gutterboard, TheHefferWolfe has 17 D1 Clones and 4 D2 Clones! In addition, he's holding a Full Set and in the Top 50 for Trilogies.

Looking ahead, TheHefferWolfe said, "I'm excited to continue to meet fellow Gang members and develop relationships. That's been the most rewarding part for me thus far. I do keep hearing some buzz about frogs though, and my interest is extra peaked!"

Check out his full collection below - both OGs and Clones! Gang Gang!

Way to rep the Gang with fresh ink, TheHefferWolfe!

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