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Gang Gamers: Get After These Gutter Arcade Goodies!

Gang Gang!

Gliding into Friday, and the Gutter Arcade is getting glitzy with hot new prizes for the Gang. Let's take a look at what's on tap and what you need to do to win!

The Pacman-like "Gut-ter" game ends tomorrow, 2/17, at 5:30pmET, so get in and game it up, Gang.

As The Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, the Gutter Arcade is a Puffer Gang x Community First initiative to spark exciting ways for the Gutter community and other communities to have fun and create value.

In a Tweet today, @gutterarcade_ exclaimed, "We heard you like prizes!" They then listed the following:

  • Grand Prize: Arcade Machine

  • Top 10: Supreme Skatedeck (raffle)

  • Top 500: Authentic BAYC hoodie (raffle)

Gutter Arcade added, "100 RTs and we'll add even more prizes."

Gutter Arcade also shared this tip: "ALL top 500 entries will be included in the raffle for the authentic BAYC hoodie, size XL. (Yes, that means if you stack the leaderboard you increase your chances of winning)."

Currently, @mavsfan0041 is dominating the leaderboard with 26,415 points and the top three scores. ELFO is coming in hot in 4th, with 24,959, and @HellchatRecap is right on their heels in 5th, with 24,518 points.

Pop those energy drinks, Gang! Let's see what you've got in these last 20 hours.

More games and prizes to come after this, so stick around and put community fun first! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all Gang news and updates.

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