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FROM JPEGS TO PAGES: GCG Members Scott Kominers & NFTbark's Web3 & NFT Book Hit The Shelves Today! Find Out More Here:

From the streets of Gutter City to book shelves across the world, these Gutter Cat Gang members are making their mark with the launch of their book today!

Scott Kominers (@skominers) and NFTbark (@NFTbark) co-authored The Everything Token: How NFTs and Web3 Will Transform the Way We Buy, Sell, and Create, and the Gang can get their paws on it now.

"The Everything Token. Available today wherever books are sold. Thank you for joining @NFTbark and me on this journey, QED," Scott tweeted earlier, linking to the authors' website:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to the authors to find out more about joining the Gang and the launch of their book.

NFTbark, AKA Steve Kaczynski, joined in 2021 with an OG Cat: "After Gutter's mint, while some people were FUDing the Gang due to mint issues, I came to Twitter to defend them and the community. Since that day, the Gang has always been so kind to me and made me feel like part of the community." He currently holds Gutter Clone 15083 (see below)

Scott told the GCT that he joined after the Species #3 reveal: "I found this absolutely dope pigeon," he said, adding that he joined because Steve and other friends enjoyed being part of the Gang. Scott's rad pidgy is #349.

Check out both of their Gutter assets below:

The book was inspired by an article that Steve and Scott collaborated on; it was the first Harvard Business Review article on NFTs.

Scott explained, "We found we were frequently fielding questions about best practices for NFT businesses, as well as how established brands could integrate NFTs into what they were doing." They realized they could offer a framework and distill key principles to others.

"Our book is a way of doing what we can to support the adoption of Web3. We truly think this technology can empower businesses and consumers, and we want to help the world start using it more quickly," Steve added.

Check out the book 'in the wild' snapped by the Bored Ape Gazette, our sister paper:

Steve and Scott shared a few key takeaways with the GCT:

Steve emphasized that brand identity is critical, "I think all brands should focus on identity and community. This isn't to say that product isn’t important...But having a community who represents you like a sports fan across digital spaces is a major advantage for any brand."

He suggested ways to engage 'megafans,' such as seeding free products, offering opportunities to beta test products before rolling out to the public, or recognizing fans publicly to demonstrate support.

Scott added that in addition to building community, it's essential to have a genuine brand purpose. He pointed to Starbucks: "They used NFTs to reshape their customer loyalty program, driving customer education identity formation rather than just coffee purchases."

Speaking of coffee, to win a free copy of The Everything Token, check out the link below and join Coffee With Captain tomorrow morning, 1/24!

Although the book aims to engage a wide audience, Steve said that there's value for Web3 aficionados as well: "It empowers even the most knowledgeable NFT nerds to explain this world to friends and family."

Scott explained that they worked hard to create a book that the whole community can be proud of: "It's a thank you note to the NFT world," he said. "We’re the two people who wrangled all this information together, but it was through conversations, partnerships, and friendships with the people we’ve met through NFTs that The Everything Token emerged."

Congrats on the book launch, Gang! GCG and others can pick up the book online or at stores, and learn more here:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's builders and bring you the latest news. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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