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Four More: GCG Member Picks Up 4 Smokin' Hot Species!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

This Gutter Cat Gang member is taking advantage of the dips in the market to pick up some sexy AF Gutter species!

Hoodriiich.eth (@hoodriiich_eth) snagged an OG Cat, Rat, and 2 Pigeons over the past two days, adding to a dope collection!

A 7-Trait feline, Cat #1700 has White Tiger Fur, Blue Eyes, Scruffy Beard, Vape Mouth, Thick Silver Necklace, Pink Fur Jacket, and a Blue Background. This saucy Cat was purchased for 1.05 ETH, or $1,886.99, according to Etherscan.

Pigeon #252 is also a 7-Trait, with Dark Camo Fur, VR Eyes, Diamond Beak, American Hat, Thin Gold Necklace, Cig Mouth, and a Purple Background. This gem of a Pigeon flew the coop for .155 ETH!

A sassy rodent, Rat #167 is a 6-Trait, with White Fur, Blue Glowing Eyes, BTC Earring, Scruffy Beard, Fishnet Shirt, and a Green Background. This Rat was purchased for 0.13 ETH, or $233.28.

Pigeon #1880 is another 6-Trait, with Pink Fur, Green Glowing Eyes, Vape Mouth, Gold Cross Necklace, Black Tee, and a Yellow Background. This bird found its new home for .133 ETH!

Hoodriiich is #145 on the Gutterboard, with 3 Cats, 5 Rats, 6 Pigeons, 4 Dogs, 10 D1 Clones, 4 D2 Clones, and 17 Gutter Juices. Check out the OGs and Clones below:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Hoodriiich, who said, "The scoops had too much appeal to be sitting so close to floor. A couple were top 10% rarity by trait as well."

He got into the Gang early, missing the mint by a few minutes, but bought a Gutter Cat ASAP after mint: "In the beginning it was about diversifying across as many projects as possible but I especially liked the art style of the gutter."

Hoodrich added, "The art has only gotten better and better since then but what has stood out even more is the gutter community and all of the dope real life collabs." He sees "only upsides on the horizon, and is confident that the top brass is cooking behind the scenes. GANG MOTHAFUCKIN GANG BABY!"

Congrats on the latest pick ups, Gang! Stoked on the new additions to your collection!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all Gutter, all the time. Gang Gang!

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