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FEZ GETS GUTTER IN "BARBIE" INTERVIEW: Find Out More About This GCG & BAYC Member's Adventures!

The Gutter is getting a little swampy lately, as GCG's TurhanTroyCaylak (@TroyCaylak) is swinging into action!

As the Gutter Cat times reported earlier, during last week's Gutter City Assembly, the Gutter Cat Gang's main account dropped a banger video starring characters developed by longtime Gutter members Dave Kebo and TurhanTroyCaylak! Check it out below:

Following that hot animated short, in which Troy's Bored Ape #4918 character - @FeznFrenz - gears up to join in a buddy-heist-comedy with Gutter Cat #69, owned by Dave Kebo (@davekebo), Troy's Ape showed up in his latest mishap: an interview for the "Barbie movie."

"How does this mix up happen?? @FeznFrenz is a "real actor, a performer"!

Fez need new agent @guyoseary @BoredApeYC

Listen in on his "Barbii" interview. #Barbie #BarbieMovie #MadeByApes #GangGang 

@BoredApeGazette @guttercattimes," the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted recently.

The interview shows Fez, a 6-Trait primate, with Black fur, Sad eyes, Leather Punk jacket, Fez, Phoneme Vuh mouth, and a Blue background, in an interview that appears to be a mishap.

Asked about how he "balanced moments of light heartedness" in the film, he replied: "I don't know what's going on. What the fuck is Barbie?" and mispronounced the lead character's name.

Fez said that he didn't understand why he was here at the interview, and was confused because he's "a real actor, a performer," who "digs deep," and has "roots from the jungle."

The interview took a decidedly racy turn as he asked the female interviewer, "You look at the hair on my arms? Can you guess the size of me, what I might be?"

He closed with a comment, "Nice feet," in reference to his animated short when Gutter Cat Blaze Johnson mentions a "date with destiny," and Fez muses, "Does she have nice feet...?"

Troy told the Gutter Cat Times, "Fez and Blaze are evaluating all opportunities and will make a statement when the time is right. For the time being, our manager Smoothie will be fielding all calls."

GCT will continue to bring you news from the streetz of the Gutter and updates on the Adventures of Fez & Blaze! Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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