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FELINE FRIDAY: Gutter Cat Gang Member Juanse Scooped Nine OG Cats! The Full Tail Here:

Vibes are high in the Gutter, and this member recently doubled-down and is and heading for double-digit Cats!

Over the past few days, Juanse (@The0xJuan), picked up 9 Cats, and tweeted yesterday, "Maybe 10?" while rockin' OG PFP #2691, a 4-Trait feline with Gold Fur, Green Eyes, Scruffy Beard, and a White Background.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Juanse to get the low down on his Cats and what he's bullish on in the Gang.

He shared, "I originally joined in late 2021 and began stacking cats and building sets. I loved the IP, but really loved the community. After stacking Clones, the community was beginning to feel left out, so I sold the majority of my assets."

Juanse added, "The GCG was still my favorite community and PFP art, alongside Renga. The moment I heard of the takeover by Noah, I decided to jump in again. I love when a founder just offers hard work to develop a community." Check out the 9 OG Cats below that Juanse scooped up in his return to the Gutter!

Juanse is also working hard to create backstories for his new crew of Cats! Check out the link here for more on his "9-strong gang."

He told the GCT, "Listening to Noah in Spaces, he seems very honest. I haven’t spoke to him directly, but I know what it takes to grow a company as he has in his life. That’s something not many people know and it’s invaluable."

Juanse's looking forward to the future of the Gutter: "I’d love to continue seeing the community get back together and Noah's vision unfold, without any pressures -- especially without any magic internet money pressures."

Welcome back to the Gang, and congrats on the 9 Cats!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow community members and share news from the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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