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eLBizzle.eth Drops "Gutter Checks" Open Edition!

Gang Gang! It's one fun surprise after another in the Gang!

GCG member eLBizzle.eth (@ML_Beesknees) dropped a Gutter Checks Open Edition today in honor of their birthday (HBD and Gang Gang!)

eLBizzle.eth's Gutter Checks is in reference to Jack Butcher's Checks, an Open Edition art piece based on the Twitter verified check mark that costs $8 per month. Butcher's Checks initially sold for $8 as well, and have a floor price of 1.25 ETH as of this writing.

The piece elBizzle.eth created has Gutter Cat heads - a trapper, a beanie, a Makaveli, and others - and opened today at 4PM EST. Each piece costs .001 ETH, or approximately $1.65, based on the current price of ETH. The mint will be open for 48 hours, and eLBizzle.eth said they "don't have plans to do anything further with it, but that can always change."

Members of the Gang responded with birthday wishes for eLBizzle.eth, and excitement about the Gutter Checks: @shadowcollect1 said, "...this is dope. Happy bday gang!"

The mint site is:, and 36 have been minted already! Gang can mint and give a very Gutter birthday gift to eLBizzle.eth! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes for more news from the Gutter!

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