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Dopo Low Down: Here's What's Next For Gutter Arcade x Community First!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Yesterday, 6/14, members of the Gutter Arcade x Community First team hosted a space to drop details on "dopo," their latest initiative!

Gutter Cat Gang members r0seNY and vel.eth took to spaces with a "dopo 101, revealing several things that dopo provides, such as holder benefits, community events, proof of contribution, and gamified mints!

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, since its launch in January 2023, Gutter Arcade x Community First have created opportunities for the GCG and others to have fun, play, and participate, such as arcade games with prizes and the Puffer Fashion Showcase!

Their latest venture, dopo, meaning "what's next" in Italian, invites community participation for rewards. r0seNY said, "Your time, the energy you put in, and your thoughts, matter to us and the community...we're going to do our best to return that value to you for just being your same person."

The Proof of Contribution pic below shows some of the ways that Gang will be able to participate and contribute to earn incentives:

Vel.eth said that dopo is intended to engage the Gutter and other communities in the ecosystem, whether that's "shit-posting, reply-guy, creator, or whatever your flavor of social media is...whatever your medium of interaction, we want to embrace it so you have a welcoming experience."

The dopo team's social-gaming will continue to grow, and leverage the algorithm above, designed by Vel. Both Puffers said, "Be who you are. You matter."

As to "What's Next," they will open up a Registration model, and it'll help to measure proof of contribution (see pic below). People will have options and be able to "pay for mint, trade for mint, or trade and pay join dopo at a price that makes sense." They'll continue to develop games and expand into the social-gaming arena.

The team is also powering up on their next games, events, and an off-chain token. Games will continue to be a key part of dopo's focus, and they encourage the community to drive event experiences.

Vel said, "We're only as limited as our imagination," and they want to hear from the community about ideas they're inspired by: "Explore passion along with resources."

The off-chain token will be connected to Proof of Contribution and tradeable among users, along with functions for purchase and sale.

To get involved, Gang and others can join the Discord, follow @gutterarcade_, and members of the team: @Velcrafting, @r0seNY, and @amazzara1.

As r0seNY said, "We want to facilitate creativity and fun, and have the opportunity to do something great. We're here for positivity. We're here for growth. Do it with us." Gang Gang!

Stay tuned for more on dopo and all things Gutter @guttercattimes.

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