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CUSTOM CLONES: Gutter Cat Gang Members Customize Their Clones! Check Out GCG Community's Creations & Find Out How To Get In On The Action:

A new day has dawned in the Gutter!

After closing the Clone Machine on January 14th, the Gutter Cat Gang launched an initiative with partner New Dawn (@newdawnxyz) that allows the community to extract traits from D1 Clones and customize existing ones with their favorite traits!

"TLDR on the @newdawnxyz. Clone marketplace: You can now build the Gutter Clone IP you want by burning a clone to extract its traits. Use the extracted traits to customize another unique clone of the same species. Sell or trade unused traits in the marketplace.," the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted yesterday.

The GCG community dove in to the "construction playground," and is coming up with innovative new Clones!

Check out the ones below, showing up on the TL:

As part of the partnership with New Dawn, a "Construction Competition" will be taking place this week.

The top 10 customized Clones with the most votes will receive 0.2 ETH each. Keep creating those new Clones and get in on the competition, Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the New Dawn partnership and Clone creations, and bring you the latest updates from the Gutter.

Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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