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CULTURE ON CHAIN: Gutter Mitch Tweets How GCG's Digital-Physical Kicks Can Revolutionize Collecting

The Gutter's going after sneakerheads with their ballin' GutterMelo kicks, and they're setting their sights high!

Gutter Cat Gang Co-Founder Gutter Mitch is thinking big about how this collab with PUMA x LaMelo Ball can tap into the global resale market.

Yesterday, he tweeted a 10-tweet thread to unpack how tokenizing sneakers and blockchain tech will revolutionize sneaker collecting. He wrote, "Sneakerhead culture is coming on chain. What does this mean for the $6 billion + global sneaker resale market?"

Gutter Mitch highlighted the Gutter's upcoming June 29th drop, saying that the Gutter Cat Gang and their collab partners are "leading the charge" as "..the world's first signature shoe partnership between a crypto-native brand and a major athlete and sportswear brand."

He identified ways that tokenizing sneaker culture and integrating it with blockchain technology will revolutionize the collecting experience, including: provenance, liquidity, DeFi, and the Metaverse.

Around provenance, he said that counterfeits plague the sneaker community, and that tokenizing provides a transparent record of ownership. Plus, then each pair tells a story of prior ownership, like a celeb or athlete!

To liquidity, Mitch said that tokenizing sneakers gives the opportunity to access more liquid global markets, to optimize seller-buyer matching and reduce price slippage.

He also shared a vision for how tokenizing sneakers could "unlock access to an entire ecosystem of DeFi apps and services, like: using tokenized sneakers as loan collateral, fractionalizing ownership, and creating a collector DAO with on-chain governance."

For the Metaverse, Gutter Mitch said that tokenizing sneakers can create digital scarcity, just like physical scarcity drives value IRL: "Expect more physical sneakers to come with a metaverse-ready digital twin in the future," he tweeted,

He added that this is just the start for sneaker and collector culture coming on chain. He added, "NFTs are a prime vehicle transitioning culture, ownership, & commerce online, and it's exciting to see @GutterCatGang pioneering this digital transformation."

The Gutter Cat Gang community is stoked to get their hands on the GutterMelo NFT on June 29th, and redeem for the physical sneaker.

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