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CHICAGO FIRE: DoItBigChicago Burns Hundreds Of Clones & Lands The Top Spot On The Gutter Grab Leaderboard! Find Out More:

The heat is on tonight, as DoItBigChicago (@doitbigchicago) torched hundreds of Gutter Cat Gang Clones, earning a fat cat bag of Gutter Chips!

With only a few hours left of Operation: Reduce Supply, DIBC incinerated almost all of his extensive collection, catapulting him to #1 on the Leaderboard with 8.6 million Chips!

"Some do it bigger than others, @GutterCatGang. @doitbigchicago secures the #1 spot! Fully torqued with ~ 8.6M Gutter it or hate it, he's a f*cking legend," Hawley tweeted, showing off the leaderboard and increase in the total % of Clones & Juices burned.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, on May 15th, DIBC tossed 100 Clones into the fire and earned 2.1M Chips, achieving Emerald status on the Leaderboard.

At that time, DIBC said, "Just burned (100) @GutterCatGang clones for @GutterToken $GANG. I just wanted to stir the pot a little on the leader board. If @YugenLBS actually puts out some traction I'll consider burning about 700 of the 800 left. If not ill keep some dumb art. MJ never burns."

Today, after burning most of his collection and reaching "Fully Torqued" status, he tweeted, "Never Burning my MJ clones or the cat clones. Let the rest rip but mainly cause I don’t like that @Sonyblack65 guys name on top. PS- if he tries to buy/burn more we can play big bank takes little bank at then buzzer but won’t change the outcome."

With roughly 1.5 hours left to burn Clones & Juices, Sonyblack has 8M Chips to DIBC's 8.6 million, and in the 3rd spot is DOGGTOR, at 4.7M:

Stay tuned for updates as the window closes tonight!

The Gutter Cat Times will keep you updated on the latest news from the streets of the Gutter and bring you the final Leaderboard rankings.

Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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