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CAT'S OUT, TATS OUT: Gutter Cat Gang Member Picked Up Gold Tats OG Gutter Cat

Gutter grails are in high demand, and one Gutter Cat Gang community member scooped up a heater yesterday!

Slaich.eth (@slaicheth) snagged OG Cat # 2306, an 8-Trait, with Gold Tats Fur, Green Eyes, a Gold Stud Earring, Durag, Toothpick, Thin Silver Necklace, Suit, and a Pink Background. He's rockin' this gang gang Cat as his new PFP.

Slaich picked up #2306 for 2.99 ETH, or $5,585.62, according to Open Sea.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Slaich to find out more about his pick up and thoughts about the Gang.

He joined the Gutter about 3-months ago, when he bought 2 Black Tats Cats. In addition to the 3 Tats Cats, he also owns a Gold Tats Dog. Check out Slaich's spectacular squad here:

Slaich said, "I joined the Gang because I saw Gutter Cat branding in The Basketball Tournament and that's so cool. Also, looking at the supply, it's only 3000 OGs, which is extremely rare." He added that buying these high value Cats also comes with some prestige.

The Gold Tats grail held special appeal because of its durag. He explained, "I'm a Sikh so I wear a durag or a turban. That made me buy the Gold Tats instantly."

He sees the Gutter Cat Gang as one of the most popular NFT projects, and with so many things going on in the background in Gutter Labs, Slaich is "bullish" on the Gang!

Congrats on the banger pick up and addition to your tatted Crew, Slaich! Gang Gang!

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