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CAT NAP: GCG Member Tom Wagmi Creates Cozy Bedtime Swag & More For The Gang! Find Out How To Get Yours:

If Gutter degens ever sleep, this GCG member has got you covered!

Gutter Cat Gang's Tom Wagmi (@TomWagmi) is low key creating bedtime swag - 'Slumber Bundles' - inspired by web3 and the Gutter, and you can get your paws on one now!

"aka Tom Swagmi," he tweeted yesterday, including a link to his site:, and showing off the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office registry for his online retail shop!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Tom Wagmi to find out more about his time in the Gutter and his rad GCG-inspired merch.

He joined the Gang the night of the mint, right after GCG sold out: "The unexpected drop created gas wars and Discord was a hot mess. I took the opportunity in the midst of chaos to join. I was excited to be a part of this new era in technology. Even though I didn’t understand it, I somehow understood it," he said.

Tom added, "I liked the art, the traits, the references to so many things I’m familiar with from the 90s: sports, music, gaming, jerseys, fashion, pop culture. I feel like this project, more than any other project, has the potential to do something special."

Tom rocks Cat #2232, a 5 Trait feline with Grey Fur, Blue Eyes, Hippie Shirt, Gold Stud Earring, and a Yellow Background.

He told the GCT that he wanted to find ways to build with the Gutter or solo: "I created a website to track the growth in the Gutter and help others promote their work."

Now Tom's getting a chance to showcase his Gutter-web3 inspired swag as well!

He explained, "Swagmi was a fun idea created by me and the wife right before Valentine’s Day last year. We were influenced by the popular web3 rallying cry, ‘Don’t Sleep On Me.’ This became our slogan and we ironically created ‘Slumber Bundles,' a limited-edition cozy bundle of Gutter and web3-inspired bedtime gear."

Tom's 'Slumber Bundle' includes a Cat Nap Sleep Mask,  Don’t Sleep On Me Pillowcase, and an 'i will never weth you' Sleep Shirt.

"The premium blackout sleep masks are the prrrfect companion for a quiet cat nap," Tom shared. "The comfy t-shirt features a weth-inspired polygonal heart captioned with the words every nft yearns to hear, 'i will never weth you.'" Plus, Gutter's iconic font graces the pillowcase, which comes in four colors.

Check out the T-shirt here:

He has other ideas for swag, too: "Future products might include a 'ScratchBacker,' a feline-inspired furry and plush extendable back-scratcher with claw-like tips to nix the itch," he explained.

Tom added that he's grateful for the Gutter, and hopes to see the Gang win again and again: "It’s been a great experience seeing others join and sharing what they’ve created or are creating. It inspires the entrepreneurial spirit within me and gives me the motivation to keep grinding, keep creating, keep building. There are only 3,000 Gutter Cats."

Head on over to and pick up your Slumber Bundle before they're gone!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's creators and builders, and bring you the latest news from the streets of the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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